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About Me

My story starts in December 2007.  I was severly overweight and had several health issues.  I was very unhappy with the way I felt, looked, and went and saw my nurse practitioner.  I told her how disgusting I felt and that earlier in the week I was humiliated in a dental lobby area.  I was with my children at an appointment and when it was our turn to see dentist, I stood up and realized the chair was stuck to my butt.  I needed assistance to remove it.  It was the shock I needed to send me into a clear mindset. 

I've always been motivated about work, my life, and my children.  It was time to turn that motivation on myself. My practitioner sent me in the direction of a supervised low-calorie diet and encouraged 30 minutes of exercise a day.  I followed the plan and started walking.  Within 5 months I had lost 100 lbs already!  I was ready to conquer the world and anything in it!!  I continue with my diet, which was a new lifestyle change for me.  I was no longer eating unhealthy meals, fast food, chips, soda, and all the other foods that led me to the weight of 394.5.  I was eating lean proteins, 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables, grains, wheats, water based soups and many other healthy things!!  I felt great!  I was no longer groggy in the morning and I looked forward to my daily exercise.  I was doing activities with my children that I wasn't able to do before.

After losing a 100 lbs, I was determined to lose another 100.  I started incorporating more exercise into my week and a variety of it.  This included group fitness like aerobics and bootcamps, strength training, agility, interval trainings, swimming, hiking, weight lifting, jogging, and lots and lots of CARDIO!  After a total of 18 months, I had lost 200 lbs total, I was still eating great and many times a day, no longer on any medications for old health problems, and had control of my life again!

Currently, I have lost a total of 220lbs and have maintained that loss for over a year.  I teach group fitness, work at several gyms including a fitness center designed for woman.  I'm certified in group fitness and also in College for Personal Training.  I love helping people, training people, and inspiring people to lose weight and feel great!  I'm a full-time mother of 3 boys, I work full-time and I was able to ACCOMPLISH this huge success and SO CAN YOU! 

The key to success is starting slow and setting short-term goals.  Once you accomplish those goals, you go on to the next step.  Set plans in place, and then follow those plans.  Journaling and accountability is everything!  I know its not easy, some days I get up and get all my exercise in before anyone else is even up in the household, but I HOLD MYSELF accountable - no one else can do that for you.

I want to help you reach your goals!  I want to hear your stories!!  Please email me at cftstyle@ymail.com


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